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A guide for Brides (and Grooms): Should we hire a musician?

Hiring a musician takes your wedding – any event really – from good to great.

Here’s an intimate guide – free! – on Kindle that answers 10 questions about hiring a musician for ceremony music.  It’s written by an actual musician – a harpist!

From Here Comes the Bride to There Goes the Groom

by Diane Michaels


Questions answered include:

  • Why have music?
  • What instruments should we choose?
  • When should music play?
  • How much will this cost?


What do you want the soundtrack for your wedding ceremony to be?

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A guide for Brides (and Grooms): When should we hire the wedding officiant?

Busy businessman

Now is a good time. 🙂

Once you set your wedding date and have a venue confirmed, go ahead and hire your wedding officiant.  Flowers are beautiful, food is yummy, music gets you swaying. But if you don’t have an officiant to write and conduct your ceremony, or sign your marriage license, you’re, well, not married. (Ok, in PA, you could self-unite, but you could still use someone to conduct your ceremony.)

It’s best to start considering who you want to hire as a wedding officiant 6 – 12 months before your wedding date.

Keep reading…

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A guide for Brides (and Grooms): Do I need to hire a wedding officiant?

Did you forget to hire a wedding officiant? You’re not alone. Many wedding checklists omit “Hire an Officiant”, even though in most states, an officiant is legally required to sign your marriage license.

A wedding officiant is responsible for creating and conducting a ceremony that speaks uniquely of you, and/or that follows your religious traditions. Getting married is a solemn decision, and you want a ceremony that acknowledges and honors that decision, right?

The marriage laws in Pennsylvania, Keep reading…

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A guide for Brides (and Grooms): How to Change Your Name after Marriage, if you want to

Now that you are married, you might want to change your last name to your spouse’s, or both of you might want to change your last names.

You are not required to change your name after marriage; it’s a personal preference. Whatever last name you choose to use, recognize that changing your name is a process; everyone will need some time to get used to your new last name. Including you!

If you do want to change your name, be consistent. Keep reading…

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A guide for Brides (and Grooms): How to Obtain a Pennsylvania Marriage License

Here are the most commonly asked questions, and the answers, regarding obtaining a marriage license in Pennsylvania.

  1. Where do we go to obtain a PA marriage license? 

You can obtain your license from the Marriage License Bureau (part of the Register of Wills) in any Pennsylvania County, regardless of where in PA your wedding will be held.

  1. When do we need to get our marriage license? 

A PA marriage license is valid for 60 days from the issue date, and must be acquired at least 3 days prior to the wedding date.

  1. Do we both need to be present to get the license? What do we need to bring with us to obtain the license? 
  • You do both need to be present to get the license.
  • Bring a photo ID and your social security numbers
  • If either applicant has had a name change or a previous marriage, bring documentation of these circumstances.
  • The county’s fee
  1. Where are the marriage bureaus near me? When are they open? Do any of them have evening hours?

See marriage bureau info

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Where will you go today?

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

PAFA statue

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) is located on Broad Street, just a few blocks north of City Hall.  PAFA is both an art school and a museum, a rare combination. The original Historic Landmark Building is a magnificent structure designed by Frank Furness. The second, newer Hamilton building houses the school as well as gallery space.

Why Robin likes it:
I love the architecture and design of the building, with its amazing attention to detail in the ceiling, stairways, arches, and walls.  There are paintings, sculptures, and contemporary works of all fine art media. Knowledgeable docents, and something new every time you visit.

Why YOU will like it: Keep reading